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  • Главная » 2013 » Февраль » 2 » Феномен секретного оз. Данилово (англоязычная версия) Ethereal mystery of the secret lake Danilovo
    Феномен секретного оз. Данилово (англоязычная версия) Ethereal mystery of the secret lake Danilovo

    Ethereal mystery of the secret lake Danilovo

    This taiga lake (of meteoritic origin) is located on the border of Omsk and Novosibirsk regions. From the district center Muromtsevo (in Omsk region) it takes 47 km to the lake. Many different legends are associated with this lake. One of them reads: if only people knew the true healing power of Danilov water, then they will bail it out to down to the bottom together with the mud! In his time, A.N. Kosygin sensed the miracle water, and after him, the very "dear" Leonid Ilyich found out the same. They have learned it too late. But a local woman Anna Tigunova managed to live till 113 years. But, alas, our scientists have been unable to give a specific explanation of the miracle water. It is the ordinary water by the chemical composition. True, it is supersaturated with free oxygen molecules. And yet, (before our very eyes!) it heals the wounds, relieves stomach ulcers, psoriasis and many other diseases, including "incurable" cancer!

So how do we explain the unique healing of Danilov water? I offer you some "food for thought"!

    "Dr. Otto Warburg, a Nobel laureate, experimentally demonstrated that by reducing the concentration of oxygen in the cellular environment by 35% it is possible to turn healthy human cells into cancer cells, and vice versa, by providing cells with necessary or slightly increased concentration of oxygen it is possible to cure cancer. That is the great mystery of the formation of oncological diseases and their healing, which was discovered by the scientist and his team!"

    And now attention, please! "Researchers from Boston College and The Washington University School of Medicine in the United States got the new evidence to support the theory of Otto Warburg about the origin of cancer. In 1931 the theory that cancer is the result of violation of energy metabolism brought the Nobel Prize to the scientist from Germany. However, the biochemical basis for the theory is still missing, according to The Journal of Lipid Research. In 1924 Warburg discovered that the healthy cells generate energy through oxidative decomposition of organic acids in the mitochondria, and the tumor and cancer cells, by contrast, derive their energy through non-oxidative breakdown of glucose. Switching to oxygen-free energy method, according to Warburg, leads to the existence of autonomous uncontrolled cell: it starts to behave as an independent body that seeks to reproduce. Based on this discovery, scientists assumed that the cancer can be treated as mitochondrial disease...  Therefore, the majority of scientists became inclined to believe that the discovery of Warburg demonstrates only a side effectbut but not the cause of cancer itself. Now U.S. researchers found the new evidence to support the theory of Otto Warburg on the origin of cancer. After examining the mitochondrial lipids in the different parts of the brain tumors in mice, they found that the major cardiolipin abnormalities are found in all types of tumors and closely linked to the weakening of the energy generation. Thus, cardiolipin abnormalities may underlie in the irreversible respiratory disorders in the tumor cells, which means that the theory of Warburg is correct. Discovery of the American scientists could lead to the development of the new cancer drugs aimed at eliminating bioenergetic defects in tumor cells without damaging normal cells in the human body".

    But let’s go back to the lake Danilovo!

Danilov water saturation with free oxygen molecules - that is the beginning of healing, which can truly work wonders!

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    PROTOCOL  Researches of waterand silt of lakes of Linevo and Danilovo of the Omsk region Bioindication methodon cellular culture of the person of NER-2  Researches areexecuted by group in structure: Mikhaylova L.P. thedoctor of medical sciences, the leading researcher of Laboratory of morphology and cellular cultures of Scientific center of clinical and experimental
    medicine of AMN - the head of works, Ignatovich N. V.s.s.employee Ph.D. Akhromenko E.S.research associate. In laboratory ofmorphology and cellular cultures the above water for studying arrived on: 1. toxicity;2. the activatingproperties of water influencing growth of cellular culture and increasing its viability (SP);3. cell fission, i.e.mitotic activity of cellular culture (% MA); 4. research ofsynthesis of cellular protein. Researches it wascarried out on cellular culture of Hep – 2.  Technique: After formation of acellular monolayer the cultural environment was replaced with the nutrient medium containing studied water. As control the cellular culture without water addition served. Morphological preparations for 48, 72 and 120 hours by the general accepted technique prepared, calculation of total of cages (Sp) and mitoses (MA cell fission under a microscope by S. B. Stefanov's technique was carried out. Water of the lake ofDanilovo. Exposition of 48 h. Water possesses still bigger biopower activity: in a monolayer of cages it is more, than in control for 40% (!), mitotic activity high (control – 0,6%, experience – 1,0. Pathologies of mitoses - No. At an exposition of72 h. Cages in comparison with 48 h. exposition grew 28% more, high mitotic activity (cell fission) (control – 0,9%, experience – 1,2. Researches ofbiopower activity of the waters, the surveyed lakes, confirms that quality water and possesses high biopower activity, i.e. can raise bio-energetics not only cages, but also the person. Such water is uniqueon the properties and is suitable as high-quality drinking water and for preparation of medical and other solutions. Conclusions: Studying of water ofthe lake of Linevo especially from a lake surface, and from depth showed that water of high quality, actively influences growth of cages, so and the person. It is good as drinking water. It should be noted that the water taken from a surface is more active. In our opinion, this results from the fact that the surface of the water is exposed solar and space (an interplanetary magnetic field, gravitation) to the influence leading to restructurings in molecules of water. In former experiments of our institute (IKEM FROM the Russian Academy of Medical Science) we studied these questions, and the answer was unambiguous. As for silt of thelake of Linevo, it also actively influences cages, so and the person. Both water and silt, considering results of synthesis of protein, a cellular monolayer, a mitosis of cages, the active growth of a monolayer (SP) can possess medical properties. Researches of waterof the lake of Danilovo showed, as well as earlier (results of 2002), the high activity of a monolayer surpassing this parameter, than in the lake of Linevo.Cages perfectly grow,since 48 h and on 120 h, they healthy, brilliant, with large kernels, the kernels, ready to synthesis (i.e. to the further growth as a large amount of protein collects). It is establishedthat water and silt of the lake of Linevo and Danilovo, especially Danilovo, actively increase viability of biosystem: cages and, a priori, and the person not only the qualities, - the increased growth of cages, increase quantity of mitoses, increase of synthesis of cellular protein, but also bio-energetics existence. When comparingquality of water of the lake of Linevo and Danilovo with one more control monolayer of cages with addition of tap water (see tab. 1 and 1а) it is perfectlyvisible as far as these tests of water are active on the impact on cells of the person: increase viability (Sp), the bigger quantity of sharing cages is observed and that is very important, high synthesis of cellular protein is always recorded. The studied lake water possesses biopower activity (see tab. 3), surpassing water, depending on exposition time, for 24 – 45%, the quantity of mitoses also always is much more, than in the water. And on this indicatorwater of lakes is unique and it suits for the person the high quality. Water of lakes ofLinevo and Danilovo is quality water. It is unique on the properties and is suitable as high-quality drinking water, and also for preparation of medical and other various solutions for increase of health of the person.Doctor of medicalsciences, leading researcher,head of works Mikhaylova L.P.

    Living examples ofhealing by wonderful water of the lake of Danilovo:  * N. N. Veryasov(Novosibirsk) "… Thanks to water of Danilovo's lake. I have got rid ofa lymph cancer with numerous metastasises …" * E. Bykovsky(Novosibirsk) "… Before arrival on Danilovo's lake, there was a bigbenign tumor on the left foot. When for the first time I came into water knee-deep, such impression that entered not into usual water, and as though into hydrogen peroxide as water round a tumor started bubbling and tickling small skin was made. In three days the tumor disappeared, on its place there was hardly noticeable brownish strip …" * V.L.Yakovlev(Novosibirsk) "… On Danilovo's lake by means of blue clay and water gotrid of a serious disease of a backbone (infringement of the nervous terminations), I want to note that on the lake me brought in a special corset as each movement was given by penetrating and sharp pain. Today I feel perfectly well …" * Konstantin Salov: "Icame to the lake on crutches and imposed dirt on wounds ". In fivemonths wounds were closed, and now he goes, surprising surgeons and himself. * AbdurafikAbdulakhatov, Nizhnevartovsk: "Hurts nothing, I became as young!"

    THE CONTENT OFINORGANIC SUBSTANCES IN LAKE DANILOVO WATER Iron of mg/dm 0,042 ±0,004 0,3 mg/l Copper of mg/dm0,0012 ± 0,0006 1,0 mg/l Zinc of mg/dm 0,038 ±0,006 5 mg/l Aluminum of mg/dm0,025 ± 0,008 0,5 mg/l Сhrome mg/dm'<0,001 0,05 mg/lNickel mg/ dm'1 <,001 0,02 mg/lPlumbum mg/dm 0,0019± 0,0010 0,05 mg/lCadmium mg/dm3 <0,0001 0,001 mg/lManganese mg/dm0,0059 ± 0,0018 0,05 mg/lSilver mg/dm "50,0054 ± 0,0009 0,025 mg/l

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